Shenendehowa Dollars for Scholars invites members of the community to offer Memorial Scholarships, as these families have, to celebrate the lives of their loved ones.  Contact Carol Fitzgerald (518-796-2126) or Ann White (518-371-9048) or email: to discuss various funding approaches.



Nicole Marie Lee was an honor student at Shenendehowa Central School until her death at the age of 16 on June 28th, 1996. The scholarship bearing her name was set up to honor her memory and to acknowledge those students who share her amazing spirit, compassion for others, and determination through adversity. Nicole faced her incredible challenges with such grace, dignity and unstoppable optimism, and it is our hope that her scholarship can inspire graduating seniors to appreciate   their precious gift of "life" as she did.




Adam Haswell, a Shenendehowa Central School student until his death at the age of 17 on October 27, 2003, loved life and people.  When anyone ever needed help, Adam was always there.  He loved sports, especially baseball, and was a catcher for 7 years with the Halfmoon Baseball League.  The  scholarship bearing his name was set up to honor his memory and to acknowledge  those students who share his willingness to help others and to understand  people's differences, whose outgoing personality and ability to maintain a  positive attitude through happiness and adversity serve as a model to others.



FOR ELEMENTARY EDUCATION: Named in memory of a former student and grade 2 teacher at Tesago Elementary School, the scholarship is for a Shenendehowa High School graduate who will be attending SUNY Geneseo (preference) or a NYS college, majoring in elementary education. The recipient should have demonstrated commitment, involvement and success in working with elementary-age children and should have a joyful, positive outlook on children and life. Requires 2 letters of reference.



Patrick James (PJ) O'Donnell was a senior at Siena College, majoring in accounting when he passed away on January 3, 1989 at the age of 21. He was a varsity wrestler and a member of the National Honor Society while at Shenendehowa, Class of 1985.




Matthew F. Proctor attended Okte Elementary, Acadia Middle School and Shenendehowa High School as a freshman until his passing after a 5 1/2 year battle with leukemia. He loved learning, particularly computer technology and music. The Matthew Proctor Scholarship is awarded to a Shenendehowa High School graduate who will be enrolling in a four-year program in New York State. Matt was a positive person and despite his illness was able to attain high marks and remain on the honor roll. The scholarship honors his achievements and spirit.



A long-time, well-known resident of Clifton Park, Roland L. Felano loved life and dedicated himself through his leadership in the Knights of Columbus to improving others' lives through charitable acts. His commitment and personality inspired many to join in the good works of the Knights including supporting the Shenendehowa Dollars for Scholars program to open up opportunities for the youth of our community. These scholarships are offered to honor his service to others.


Robert Patrick (Bob) Stewart was a Shenendehowa honors graduate in 2010 and was enrolled to attend Siena College as a Presidential Scholar that fall, but died from a life-long illness in August of 2010. Bob was friendly and outgoing and always participated fully in life. He loved all sports, and was on the varsity golf and bowling teams throughout high school. The adversity of his own condition and living with an autistic brother taught Bob a great deal about the importance of family, of kindness, compassion and caring for others. Whether it was his family, or a friend, Bob was always ready to help, or to just make them laugh. This scholarship honors that spirit of caring for others.



This scholarship is in memory of William O. Rauschenbach and is to be awarded to a student pursuing a degree in business. Bill Rauschenbach was an innovative business leader at American Express. He worked hard to achieve the goals of his division and align them with those of American Express. Bill put his heart into empowering the people around him to continuously improve themselves and the products on which they worked. Bill was ethical, sincere, and matter of fact in his business practices; he earned the trust and respect of all who worked with him. Bill was a graduate of Oneonta State College and he firmly believed in the everlasting value of a higher education. His leadership skills and the lessons he taught live on in the minds and spirits of his family, friends, colleagues, and team members. Bill passed away in 2012 at the age of 43. Bill's wife, Kelly Nolan Rauschenbach, is a Shenendehowa graduate. She and their four children reside in Rock Tavern, NY. Special thanks to Don and Marguerite Nolan for establishing this scholarship in memory of William O. Rauschenbach.



This scholarship was established by the family and friends of Don Nolan who wished to honor his memory and recognize the many outstanding achievements of his lifetime. Don, a founder of Shenendehowa Dollars for Scholars, graduated with honors from Catholic Central High School in Troy in 1952. He served as a paratrooper in the Army's 101st Airborne Div. before graduating from the University at Albany and attaining his PhD at the University of Illinois (Champagne-Urbana), where he also taught French. All nine of Don and his wife Marguerite's children graduated from the Shenendehowa school system  as have several of their grandchildren. From 1971-1978, Don served as the founding director of  the Regents External Degree Program at Regents College (now Excelsior College). Don retired in 1995 as the NYS Deputy Commissioner for Higher and Professional Education.


?downloadFile=1&table=chapters_webContent_images&field=image&check=8ef44d2a76fd50eb7dc257d6e8f1ceee&key=18806DIAN DIPPOLD MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP

Dian Dippold was a Clifton Park musician who was active in many local musical groups and organizations. A highly talented pianist who pursued a degree in music herself, she was well-known in Clifton Park through her various roles in groups such as the Clifton Park Community Chorus, the Not So Common Players, and with the Shenendehowa High School musicals, among others. Her talent was both a tenaciously nurtured skill and a true gift adored by many. This scholarship will be awarded in tribute to those born with their own gift who are in pursuit of continued nurturing of their skill. The recipient should demonstrate exemplary talent and commitment in any musical field, and should be pursuing a college degree in music, music education, music performance, or musical theater.



Karen Field Memorial Scholarship

Karen Field was a Special Education Aide at Arongen Elementary School. She worked at Arongen for three years until she became ill and passed away in July 2011. Karen had a special grace and she made everyone around her feel better.
The scholarship bearing her name was set up to honor her memory and to acknowledge those students who share her
amazing kindness, patience and belief in hard work. A mother of three sons, Karen loved working with children. And she felt very strongly that all children should have a positive experience in school despite economic disadvantages or difficult family situations. The recipient should share her beliefs and be dedicated, loyal and have a strong sense of fairness and personal responsibility.


Cameron Furey Memorial Scholarship
Cameron was a 2015 graduate of Shenendehowa High School and earned a degree in diesel mechanics from Hudson Valley Community College. He was employed as a diesel mechanic for Sysco Foods in Halfmoon and previously worked for Pirate's Hide Out for several years.
Cameron was a Ford Mustang enthusiast, was a member of the Gray Mustang Club and the Clifton Park Sportsman's Club. He was also an avid NASCAR, St. Louis Cardinals, Star Trek, the musical group YES fan and loved the outdoors.



Cletus Joseph Antonymuthu (A.J. Cletus) Memorial Scholarship

Cletus Joseph Antonymuthu (A.J.Cletus) was a Chief Administrative Officer in the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), a central government (federal) organization in India. Mr. Cletus was passionate about the pursuit of education. He opined that this was the best gift a father can give to his child.  He worked hard, traveled alone throughout the country as his job required, so that his children could focus on their education. He made this sacrifice so that his children could study in the same state and to avoid the struggles of relocation, school changes, adapting to different languages, customs and communications. Mr. Cletus strongly encouraged his children to go for higher studies and pursue their dreams and ambitions. His motto to us his children was "give your child a good education, as that is their anchor in the sea of life". This scholarship will be awarded to a student residing in the Shenendehowa School District who values education and is intent on pursuing their goals and ambitions through education beyond undergraduate studies.